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Tuscany real estate, properties of any kind:
Ruins to be rebuilt, houses to be renovated, renovated villas
and fully furnished Tuscan houses or apartments, ready to move in.
Profitable rental activities (farms, agritourisms, lodges, holiday flats)

Find a property in Tuscany in the provinces of Pisa and Lucca:
Volterra, Palaia, Peccioli, Pomarance, Laiatico, Lari, Casciana Terme ...

Are you looking for a particular kind of Tuscan property for sale like 
old mills, castles or stone houses to be renovated?
We will find it for you through our network of real estate agencies.

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Properties of the Month:

Beautifull villa in Central Tuscany
pizza oven,  pool 10m x 6m
building: 2 big apartments, total about 500 m2
land: 13.6 ha with olive groves
close to small Tuscan market town
Firesale because of emigration !

a very rare chance, this property is worth far more

850'000 €
600'000 €

Tuscany Real Estate - Tuscan natural stone building for sale

300 year old millhouse
natural stone building about 150 m2
with big pool and waterfall
very quiet position in the hills of Volterra
2 ha among green woods, with mill brook

habitable,  needs some renovation


360'000 €
300'000 €

Tuscany Real Estate - ancient farmhouse 330 sqm

Typical Tuscan Villas in a small hamlet
Independent Country Homes 
from 73 sqm to 158 sqm
just 1 km from the closest village
20 km from Volterra
highest quality standards
each with loggia and private garden.

to size
please ask
Typical Tuscan Stonehouses in a small hamlet

Ancient Farmhouse with mill
only 3 km from the center of Volterra
200 m2
22.700 m2

390'000 €

Ancient farmhouse near Volterra
only 5 km from the historical centre of 
the Etruscan city of Volterra.
buildings: 268 m2
land: 25.000 m2

300'000 €
Toskana Immobilien: Steinhaus-Ruine zu verkaufen

Two storey detached villa
Close to Chianni, not far from Lari and Volterra
completely restored, with pool

building area:
120 m2
8.000 m2

400'000 €

Beautiful Ruin to rebuild
Natural stone building only 5 km from Volterra
375 sqm on 2 storeys
12.000 m2 (1,20 ha)

420'000 €

Old Farmhouse
176 sqm on 2 storeys with 2 apartments
ground floor ready to move in
upper floor needs renovation
10 ha of land with olive groves
and fruit trees
-- excellent price --

380'000 €

Beautiful "liberty style" villa
Villa 176 sqm  in good structural conditions, partially renovated
plot of land: about
1 ha (olive groves, fruit trees)

650'000 €
Tuscany Real Estate - Tuscan natural stone building for sale

Charming Country House with big Garden
classic stone building with wooden beams
only 5 minutes to walk to the next village
building area: 320 m2 (3 apartments)
land (garden): 2000 m2

725'000 €

Former farmhouse
in beautiful Tuscan location, close to the Tyrrhenian Sea
land: 6.900 sqm fenced
buildings: total 329 sqm
2 flats ready to move in
with furniture, phone, tv, heating
+another flat possible

750'000 €
Tuscany Real Estate - ancient farmhouse 330 sqm

1000 year old farmhouse
with stunning panoramic view
only a few minutes from Volterra
villa: 237 sqm + 7 ha fenced land + big garden shed
house: xxx  sqm + 5 ha land
ready to move in


villa 780'000 €
house 500'000 €

Tuscany Real Estate - ancient farmhouse 330 sqm

Ristorante & Pizzeria
Excellent Business Opportunity
avviatissima attività di ottima fama

120 posti a tavola, con fondi di proprietà
vantaggiosa posizione tra il mare e famosa città turistica
acquisto o gestione possibili
sold for retirement

su richiesta
Tuscan Stonehouse
260 sqm on 2 levels, 5'800 sqm of land
750'000 €

Tuscany Real Estate - Tuscan natural stone building for sale

Big Tuscan Property with 30.000 sqm lake
and several buildings

Central Tuscany
good access to airports (30 min.) and highways
Land: 95.000 sqm, buildings 1.320 (+600) sqm
Excellent investment opportunity for commercial use:
tourism - recreation - gastronomy - sports - leisure

1'000'000 €

Enchanting villa in Tuscany
with pool,  fishpond,  waterfall 
and a stunning panoramic view
buildings: 420 m2
land: 1.5 ha (15'000 m2)

980'000 €
Tuscany Real Estate: ruins and farmhouses for sale
Beautiful Farmhouse
Rental Activity (Agritourism) with Pool
near small town in central Tuscany
Land: 6 ha - olive groves, vineyards
Natural Stone Buildings 16th century:
450 sqm
1'300'000 €
Tuscany Real Estate: ruins and farmhouses for sale

Beautiful Tuscan Farmhouse
Two Natural Stone Buildings
only 20 km from the city of Volterra
less than 1 km from next facilities
with pool, ready to move in
buildings: 632 sqm , land: 5000 sqm
(more land can be bought)

1'350'000 €

Ancient Hamlet near Volterra
with swimming pool
ideal for small countryside pension,
club house, seminars or community

buildings: 796 m2 + barn & annex of 262 m2
land: 2 ha including olive groves and vineyard

1'450'000 €

Marvellous Property near historic town
Well run tourist activity w. 10 holiday flats and rooms and a 
small restaurant in an 800 year old historic stone building
buildings: ~600 m2: 10 guest apartments and rooms, 
owners flat, restaurant, reception, tecnical rooms

land: 9.36 ha (23 acres)
w. olive groves + gardens
250 m2 swimming pool

price on request
Tuscany Real Estate: tourist activity with big pool and production of extra virgin olive oil

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